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The Future of School

The Post-Pandemic of Needs Education


The long-term social isolation process experienced with thepandemic that affected education as well as many areas. Countries around the world have searched for new ways to address the pandemic’s short- and long-term negative impact on education and implemented emergency action plans within the limits of their financial and technological infrastructures. Post-pandemic education, which has become a global issue, calls for reshaping the “Future of School” in line with changing needs.

This session will facilitate discussion on various topics, including the pandemic’s impact on education and training processes, the changing school models after the pandemic, the future of digital competences, which the pandemic promoted, and their relationship with education, extracurricular inclusive education processes, hybrid education models and the integrity of formal-informal and lifelong learning and home schooling.

Discussion Questions

  • How can we evaluate the education models, the course of education and the future of the school – which changed with the pandemic?

  • If we talk about the changing post-pandemic competencies and qualifications of education stakeholders, which competencies could be argued to stand out?

  • What is the impact of digital competencies, which increased during the pandemic, on education?

  • How can the homeschooling model be evaluated on a platform where formal education is discussed?


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Pauline Nalova Lyonga

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Sidibe Ousmane Dedeo

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Douglas Sykalima

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Mambetakunov Ulanbek Esenbekovich

Baxtiyor Saidov Odilovich.png

Baxtiyor Saidov Odilovich 

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Stephen Lecce

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Agnes Nyalonje

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