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The Future of the Covid Generation


Being a student at a time, when Covid-19 transformed the daily life of communities and disrupted educational activities, and starting one’s professional career amid the pandemic and socio-economic fluctuations has been a challenging experience for the COVID generation. One wonders how the traces of this period will manifest themselves among the pandemic youth in the future.


In this session, topics such as the future of the Covid-19 generation, disappearing and emerging career opportunities, socio-economic and psycho-social situations will be discussed. The effects of these dimensions on the future of the Covid generation will be discussed.

Discussion Questions

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages in the future of the Covidgeneration?

  • What measures should be taken to address the psycho-social challenges experienced by the Covid generation during the pandemic?

  • How can we evaluate the changes in the career goals and expectations of individuals, who were students during the COVID pandemic?

  • What are/will be the new occupational groups that emerged or developed during the pandemic?


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Yusuf Alpaydın


Andreas Schleicher


Enila Cenko


Tahsin Görgün


Enrique Galindo

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Carlos Vargas-Tames

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