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The impact of technological developments lead to innovations every passing day in various areas, including education, the economy, healthcare and transportation. Adapting to those technological developments and using them effectively requires a social transformation. Although this has social effects, it also has impacts on the psychology of students.

Adapting to the digital age basically requires acquiring and employing digital skills in a qualified way. Likewise, there is a need for innovative assessment and evaluation approaches that can test these competencies and skills. In web-based environments where individual learning differences can be tolerated, personalized adaptive education models are also a part of differentiated instruction. The reflections of Metaverse, which is a contemporary concept, on education is also an important discussion topic.


In this session, topics such as innovative assessment and evaluation approaches, the multidimensional assessment of students, the effects of gamification on education, adaptive learning, improving the quality of digital materials, and the effects of virtual developments in the digital world on education will be discussed.

Discussion Questions

  • How can the debate on the globalization and localization of the curriculum be evaluated?

  • What can be the effects of digitalization on society and the psychological condition of the students?

  • What will be the reflections and transformative effects of digitalization on education?

  • Which studies could help improve the quality of digital materials?

  • What are the innovative assessment and evaluation approaches in education?

  • How can the effects of gamification in educational processes be evaluated?

  • How will developing and changing technology shape adaptive learning?


Uğur Sak.png

Uğur Sak


Christopher Dede


Anatoly Oleksiyenko


İrfan Erdoğan


Elaine Wilson

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Bukky Yusuf

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