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Alternative Pursuits in Education


Today, the fact that education provided in formal educational institutions does not appeal to the interests of all students, the inadequacy of the education provided or the desire to improve oneself in different ways inspire new pursuits for learning outside traditional schools and formal education.


In the face of the ‘diploma inflation’, the importance of developing competencies with expertise and obtaining certificates are increasing. On the other hand, due to the pandemic, training on online platforms has also become widespread.


In this session, topics such as the effects of certificate acquisition on students’ development, the development of teacher competence with expertise, the effects of distance education on formal education and students, effective student career planning processes and mastery-based leadership, peer teaching through mentoring and vocational training will be discussed.

Discussion Questions

  • What are the effects of alternative pursuits in education on the future of the school?

  • What was the role of the pandemic in transforming formal education?

  • What is the importance of the master-apprentice relationship in alternative qualifications and their development?

  • What is the role of certificates in replacing formal education in career-planning processes?

  • How can the future of vocational education be evaluated?


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Ömer Avcı


John Schwartz


Scott Shireman


Kemal Sayar


Syed Munir Ahmed


Kader Kaneye

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