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Istanbul Education Summit
"Valuing  Education"

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The Istanbul Education Summit, which took place in 2021 for the first time, is an international platform for education-related analyses, debating future perspectives, theoretical approaches and practices, the exchange of information on developments in the world of education in light of the experiences of various nations, and the presentation of proposed solutions.


Migration, human mobility, extraordinary developments like the pandemic, technological developments and digitalization, and new problems caused by climate change all render inevitable a transformation in the world of education – just like in all other areas.


Education-related discussions around the world as well as the reports and goals of international institutions and organizations highlight the future of education. An international perspective is needed to objectively analyze the problems of education at a global level and to exchange views on predictions regarding the future of education in a healthy manner. That situation attaches further importance to international educational institutions. The Turkish Maarif Foundation is among the world’s leading institutions in terms of the vastness of its education network.


The experience and relationships of the Turkish Maarif Foundation, which operates educational institutions in culturally, geographically and socio-economically different parts of the world, represent a major advantage for the Summit’s ability to present proposed solutions to the problems experienced within the processes of education at an academic level.


The Istanbul Education Summit, which will be held with a new main theme annually, aims to be a meeting point for institutions and stakeholders that distinguish themselves through their international activities.

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