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I. Istanbul Education Summit



The Istanbul Education Summit was held under the theme of “New Trends and Transformation in Education” with the participation of leading decision-makers, intellectuals, academics, experts and entrepreneurs in the field of education. The Summit included an opening ceremony, a high-level meeting and six panels featuring the speeches of leading players in education from across the world. In addition, various videos with the theme of “Good Practices in Education” were compiled from the Maarif Schools in various countries and shared as an e-exhibition. Content related to innovations in education were presented as part of Edu-Trends.

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  • To develop inclusive and collective education policies and practices as well as evaluate their effectiveness.

  • To share predictions and evaluations, based on scientific and academic data, on both the current situation and future of education in the world.

  • To present a global perspective on the future of education, which is a vital issue for the happiness and well-being of all humanity.

  • To become the meeting ground of international actors in the field of education as well as a platform that provides theoretical and practical solutions to educational problems.

  • To reveal the dimensions of the transformation experienced in education with digitalization. To analyze experiences with digital transformation in education and to evaluate the predictions about the position of educational institutions, teachers and students in the digital education context.


Adapting to the oncoming digital age seems to be at the center of forward-thinking discussions in every field, and the education sector is no different. There are dozens of questions that need to be addressed at the academic level, such as; What is the current situation of traditional educational institutions? How will they continue to exist in the future? What will the roles of teachers and students be in this new education system? And how will parents adapt to new education styles? In the perspective of these current issues, the objectives of Istanbul Education Summit are:

  • To understand the realities of digital transformation, and in this context, to evaluate predictions about the role of educational institutions, teachers and students.

  • To evaluate the relationship between sustainable development and education and how digitalization can assist disadvantaged groups to access education.

  • To determine the steps necessary to raising individuals who can adapt to the new era and have the ability to interpret information.

  • To discuss the opportunities and risks that will arise in the context of the internationalization of education.

  • To consider the employment needs in the international arena, especially the predictions and suggestions about the future of vocational education.

  • To evaluate the educational problems faced in developing regions. Focusing on global poverty, underdevelopment and insufficient technological infrastructure, and providing suggestions to international institutions on how they can solve these problems. 

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