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The online provision of education, which the COVID-19 pandemic’s extraordinary circumstances required, distanced all stakeholders of education, especially students, from the culture of school. However, the academic and social environment of the school is very important for the academic, social and emotional development of students. In order to resume face-to-face education effectively and without interruption, it is necessary to reconsider school  starting with its academic and social aspect. This session will focus on topics such as learning losses of students for different disciplines in face-to-face education after the pandemic, the social and emotional development of students in face-to-face education, increasing teacher and student motivation, peer bullying and cyberbullying, teacher cooperation, parental participation in education will be discussed.

Discussion Questions

  • What kind of problems are commonly experienced in returning to school and adapting to face-to-face education after the pandemic?

  • What can be done to compensate for the learning losses in different disciplines experienced during the pandemic?

  • What are the pandemic’s impacts on the social and emotional development of students? What are the responsibilities of education stakeholders in this regard?

  • What are the important motivational factors in the transition of teachers and students to face-to-face education in the post-pandemic period?

  • How can we evaluate the reflections of cooperation between education stakeholders on school culture?

  • How have peer bullying and cyberbullying changed with the pandemic?


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Semih Aktekin


Lera Boroditsky


David Stroupe


Sadettin Ökten


Dionne Cross Francis


Dawood Abdulmalek


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