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Didem Kaya Bayram

Didem Kaya Bayram

Senior Digital Strategist and Content Marketing Specialist

Didem Kaya Bayram was born in 1993 in Istanbul. She spent her high school years at Robert College of Istanbul. Upon graduation, she got admitted on a full scholarship to Yale University in the US. At Yale, she majored in American Studies and focused on critical race theory and the history of white supremacy. Following her graduation in 2016, Kaya Bayram returned to Turkey and pursued a master's degree in İstanbul Technical University in Science, Technology, and Society Studies. She wrote her master's thesis on the racialization of the epistemological debates in American medical history. Her professional career started at TRT World and continued at TRT Dinle and Tabii. Later, she became the head of digital strategy and content for the art and culture channel, TRT 2 and has worked under the TRT brand for a total of 6 years. These days, Kaya Bayram is working on a book translation, and continuing her scholarly inquiry on the global history of racism, colonialism, and secularization. When she is not working she can be found enjoying the company of her husband and their toddler son.

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