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Francis Bass

Francis Bass

School Leader, Gambia Maarif Schools

Francis Bass has devoted over a decade to the field of education, currently serving as the Head of the Primary Department at Maarif International Schools of The Gambia. His unwavering passion for teaching has played a pivotal role in the school's outstanding success, fostering trust among parents. With experience in mission, government, private, and international schools, Francis possesses a comprehensive understanding of diverse primary education setups.

In addition to his teaching career, Francis's commitment to holistic education is evident in the clubs he established within the schools, such as the Young Learners Club and Environment Club, which enrich students' academic experiences. One of his proudest achievements is the establishment of a football academy, dedicated to guiding young lives, especially those at risk of becoming school dropouts.

As a testament to his dedication, Francis Bass served as the President of the Primary Teachers Association at The Gambia College School of Education, advocating for primary school students and educators. His journey reflects continuous growth, unwavering commitment, and a deep desire to make a difference in education.

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