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Douglas K. Hartman

Douglas K. Hartman

Prof. Dr., Technology & Human Learning, College of Education, Michigan State University

Prof. Dr. Douglas K. Hartman is a leading American scholar in the fields of educational technology and language learning. His research offers a vision of how educators and leaders can cultivate a critical mindset in students, workers, and citizens during this age of digitalization. Professor Hartman’s co-authored book “Anlama Stratejileri: Dijital Etkinlikler ile Dört Temel Dil Becerisi” (“Comprehension Strategies: Four Essential Language Skills with Digital Activities”) provides Turkish educators with a framework for using digital technologies to cultivate a critical mindset, whether teaching online, on-demand, or on campus. Dr. Hartman has been a keynote speaker at educational conferences across Türkiye for over a decade. At Michigan State University, he has hosted five of Türkiye’s most promising young educational researchers, collaborating on studies related to technology and language. At present, he is a Visiting Professor at Gazi Üniversitesi in Ankara, collaborating with Prof. Dr. Hayati Akyol on a TÜBİTAK-supported project that explores the innovative and ethical use of ICTs and AI in educational research.

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