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In the 21st century, it is important to have education programs suitable for individuals' needs that emphasize taking individual responsibility in learning and support learning by experimenting and continuous self-development. This session will facilitate a discussion about the search for a new blueprint for education (in light of recent developments regarding the remodeling of education), life-long learning, gamification in teaching, hybrid learning, and interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning.

Discussion Themes

  • What is the place and importance of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary education in today’s world?

  • How can digital immigrant teachers interact better with their digital native students in the context of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary education?

  • What is the best method of learning in the digital world from the perspective of life-long learning skills?

  • What is the “flipped learning” model as a pedagogical approach that focuses on individual learning? How should it be applied?

  • What is the impact of gamification models in education on student success and practice?



Michael Hansen

Senior Fellow, Brown Center on Education Policy, Brookings


Caroline Jenner

Chief Operating Officer, JA Worldwide


Tony Wagner

Senior Research Fellow, Learning Policy Institute


Rupert Wegerif

Professor of Education, University of Cambridge


Mustafa Aykut

Chairman of the Futurists Association

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