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Penetration of Digital Tools Into Human Society

Penetration of digital tools can be explained as the rate at which a technical innovation becomes adopted into the daily life of a social group. The revolution of digital technologies has improved more rapidly than any other innovation. The digital revolution is impacting everything, from economy to education, from health to governance. (1) It will fundamentally change society. The ability to use digital tools effectively has become a distinct advantage in school and work because they affect the way people communicate, learn, and do business. (2) Digital transformation has an impact not only on societies but also industries. Efficiency, convenience, and ease of use are the new currency. (3) With digitized data, businesses can increase marketing efforts and boost sales. Efficiency, convenience, ease of use, lower expenses, better efficiency, effective communication channels, less waste, and an increase in networks are among the positive effects of digitalization. Social isolation, job loss, cyberbullying, adverse health effects such as eyestrain and difficulty focusing on important tasks, depression, addiction, and anxiety are negative effects of digitalization. (3) The penetration of digitalization may have a more significant impact on children and teenagers. The power of digitalization has helped global societies form and ideas and resources to be shared more easily. It can help individuals the way they connect and deepen their relationships. However, digital tools can either increase or decrease the quality of work and productivity depending on the user. (4)

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